Discover the island from the water! Barbados is the paradise for water sports due to its tropical climate and the natural beauty of its beaches. Jump on the opportunity to be active, blend with nature and discover feelings and memories you won’t forget!

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The underwater experience is something you can’t miss in Barbados. No wind? Still with energy for more? Scuba diving is one of your best choices! We work with qualified scuba diving professionals that will guide you on a discovery of the underwater secrets of the island. Choose the option that fits you best, whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced diver.

Dive descriptions below.

Come and Dive – Starting at $70US

Sit back, be casual, and enjoy the best of leisure scuba. You will form part of a small group of divers that go out to have a good time and create a wonderful experience for themselves, returning with smiley faces and stories to tell. Whilst on the dive every diver gets what they want out of it.

Morning 9:30am two tank dive is 30-45 minutes long and normally returns to shore in between dives. The second of the two tank leaves at 12pm or before. Sites are selected on the morning to best suit the group. This tour normally ends between 13:00 and 14:00 hrs. Depending on the time, an afternoon two tank dive can be arranged or the normal single tank in Carlisle Bay where a few snorkelers may join.

Night dives are amazing with our Ultra Violet lights. Everything goes psychedelic! An amazing experience once you’ve never done the lights before.

Boat entry is also easy. ‘Blessed’ the G Fish dive boat can come right to the shore. Just your ankles may get wet. All dives are done by boat and led by a Padi professional.

Try our 1-dive Discovery Dive – $110US

Get in the water, blow some bubbles and find out in over three hours what you think of diving. No massive training courses, no over-complications. Water. Bubbles. Good times.

We start off with a short 20 minute video and safety briefing. We then enter the ocean! Shallow ‘pool like’ conditions so if you have any discomfort just stand up. From there you get some time to play with the bubbles you create while getting used to breathing underwater. A simple basic skill set follows which is practicing in water what you have already seen in the video.

Once this is complete and you show that you are comfortable with it all, we go check out 6 shipwrecks and schools of tropical fish. Fish feeding and diving with sea turtles.

Open Water Certification -$450US

The PADI card everyone talks about. Have you got your PADI? This is it. With over 4 dives we’ll play around in the water and work some really cool exercises to show you the ropes so you are free to dive anywhere in the world.

Two dives a day (‘days’ would be considered as a morning 9am -2pm relatively), each dive teaching you a little more of what you need to know to be a safety conscious and capable diver. Drift dives, buoyancy exercises, and a few skills to make a ‘low maintenance’ diver. The type of divers that Dive Leaders find a joy to be on a boat with. During your course you’ll be exposed to various conditions step by step to make you better than the diver you thought you could be.

Courses are taught to your pace. You’ll be taught to take scuba seriously! But by all means have a laugh while you’re doing it.

Advanced Open Water Certification – $380US

Ready to dive the wrecks? Navigate underwater? What about learning how to night dive? During our dives we’ll take the next step to make you the best diver you can be.

Over the course of five dives and a bit of book work (that can be done online or before vacation) totaling two to three days, you’ll be exactly as it says on the card……advanced!!

Deep diver and Underwater Navigation are mandatory then you choose any other three of your options of adventure dives to make you tune up and sharpen your skills.

A deeper understanding of scuba and what makes a dive work is the total intention of the lesson. Understanding currents and how to make them work for you, identifying types of coral that grow along cardinal points as aids in natural navigation, safety equipment management and use and above all the importance and awareness of your own safety. And of course, having a laugh while you’re at it!

Rescue Diver&EFR -$450US

This is the most exciting and engaging PADI course. When you’ve become such a natural diver that you can start thinking of others and their safety, we’ll show you how to recognize fear, how to help people and, most importantly, how to save lives. This is the course where we make you feel like and know that you can be a real life hero to someone. This is no joke and not a course to be taken lightly. In one to two days you’ll learn all the signs to detect discomfort and know that you have practiced the skills to be confident, capable and qualified to assist in a situation.

The Emergency First Response Course teaches you to handle critical situations that could otherwise be fatal if YOU were not present. CPR from infant to adult and management of injuries, cuts and bruises. Who knew !? That you knew how to administer oxygen to someone or relieve a choking baby. This is that course!

This course feeds that secret superhero in all of us.



For $50US we offer you a day pass to the Cruising Club + an activity of your choice.

The Cruising Club is located at Pebbles Beach, a beautiful beach famous for its pool-like water conditions and little beach break, perfect to practice all types of marine activities. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing day surrounded by the stunning Caribbean Sea, while having many options for fun and water activities.

The Day Pass to the Cruising Club include:

  • Use of the beach chairs
  • Use of the beach umbrellas
  • Access to the private restrooms, changing rooms and showers
  • Unlimited use of kayaks
  • Free wifi
  • Use of private lockers
  • Access to the beach restaurant

+ one of the following activities:

  • A snorkeling tour
  • A sailing lesson
  • A surf lesson
  • A SUP Yoga lesson

Scroll down to learn more about the + activities!



Kitesurf Intl subyogaFor $50US you get a day pass to the Cruising Club + one SUP Yoga lesson.

Balance your body after a kite session with SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) Yoga!

We have professional SUP Yoga Instructors that will bring you to another level of fun and wellbeing. Pick the option that fits you better!

SUP Yoga for Beginners

Great for anyone who has never done yoga or SUP before.

Stand Up Paddle experience is also not required. If you do great, if not, it’s ok too.

When booking your class, please make sure to mention what experience you have, whether it’s yoga, SUP or both. You can also book a mini SUP lesson before you do yoga if you’d like.

Classes are 60 minutes, but please calculate 90 minutes for instructions and coming in and out of the water.

SUP Yoga – Vinyasa Flow

All Levels

Vinyasa clases require some yoga experience as we do an actual flow. Moving through a vinyasa on your board is fantastic. Using breath and movement to find joy and stability.

This class is not recommended for beginners or someone with no SUP experience.

SUP Yoga for Kids

Practice and Play!

Kids love to play in the water! Sup Yoga for kids is a great and fun way for them to play, learn something new, work on their strength and balance and get wet!



Activities surf kitesurfintlFor $50US you get a day pass to the Cruising Club + a surf lesson!

In Barbados there’s always a wave to surf, and with no wind, surfing becomes the perfect activity to keep yourself active in the water. So, if you’re a water sports lover and want to learn or improve your surfing skills, surfing in Barbados is the place to be. We have sand bottom beaches with perfect little waves, crystal clear waters and the perfect temperature to have fun in the water for as much as you can!

We offer you experienced surf instructors that provide private, professional and fun surf lessons for beginner surfers. They are based at the Cruising Club, a perfect beginner spot with a gentle beach break that allows beginners build their confidence while experiencing the fun of surfing. Child lessons are carefully planned according to conditions while using specialized foam surf boards for maximum safety.

If you’re an experienced surfer that’s looking for a board to rent or a surf tour guide, contact us and we’ll point you to the best!



Activities surf kitesurfintl

For $50US you get a day pass to the Cruising Club + a sailing lesson or rental.

Learning to sail is the perfect complimentary activity to kitesurfing in Barbados. Being aware of the wind and the ocean, taking control of your own direction, and as always, in paradise! We have the best sailing school in an ideal location, Pebbles Beach.

Our partner school is a dinghy sailing school located at the Barbados Cruising Club in Carlisle Bay. After a short safety briefing they’ll take you out sailing around this beautiful bay for approximately 30 minutes. Sit back and relax or get involved with steering the boat and setting the sails. Our fully qualified instructors will ensure you have the best sailing experience possible.

If you’re already a sailor then we welcome you to Carlisle Bay with a fully rigged boat and safety support for the duration of your 45 minute rental. The school uses Topper Topazes, GP14s for adults and Optimists for children.

You’ll have the best staff at your service, who are all trained to World Sailing standards and have many years of hands-on teaching experience. They work hard to make sure that every client gets the best sailing experience possible.



Activities snorkeling kitesurf int

For $50US you get a day pass to the Cruising Club + snorkeling tour.

Did you know that if you hold your breath, lay face down in the water and starfish, you float?!

Add a mask and snorkel and voila, you’re a professional! It’s as easy as that. As a matter of fact, the more you stay still the closer the turtles come. Should you need to move around at Barbados’ famous shipwrecks, we swim for you, all you need to do is…..just hold on.

Our snorkel trips are catered for you. Take it calm and peaceful at Carlisle bay with green turtles, hawksbill turtles, shipwrecks and massive schools of tropical reef fish, or get adventurous and join the drift snorkel for the free divers at heart.

Some of our snorkel sites are actually shallow dive sites 7-13m (20ft-50ft) where there’s coral reef for miles. Spotted eagle rays, sting rays and the occasional manta ray can all be seen from the surface.

The truth is where we go others do not. Tell us what you want and we do our best to blow your mind.




Activities snorkeling kitesurfintl

Kitesurfing in Barbados deserves some pictures. We offer you the best water sports photographers on the island to document your adventures on the turquoise waters of paradise!

For $75US you’ll get one hour of a professional photographer at your kitesurfing spot, just for you! At the end you’ll take away 15 high quality images.



Activities babysitting

We know it can be hard to organize your holidays when you travel with your children, but being a parent doesn’t stop you from kitesurfing in Barbados!

At Kitesurf Intl we have instructors formed in Early Years, Primary Education and Psychology of Education to offer workshops for your child while you’re enjoying a treat of a kitesurfing session. We accommodate different activities depending on your child’s age and preferences. Some of the options are beach games, creative workshops, school enrichment, support programs and much more!

To top it all off, don’t forget that at Kitesurf Intl we have special gear for children to learn kitesurfing. Learning to kitesurf in Barbados safely is now an option for your kid.

Contact us to book  your  family experience!