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All lessons are taught by internationally certified instructors. When finishing your lessons we’ll certify you as an international kiteboarder with access to a membership card recognised around the world.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are just you and one of our instructors. Great if your goal is to progress as quickly as possible.

Hourly rate: $95


6 hours: $540
10 hours: $840
12 hours: $935

Group Lessons

Group lessons offer a ratio of 1 instructor: 2 students. Great for learning with a friend or partner!

Hourly rate: $75


6 hours: $430
10 hours: $630
12 hours: $720

School Re-Opens Dec 1st 2018


*All prices are in US dollars. Group rates are quoted PER PERSON.


Lessons take place either privately, or as a group.

Our special packages include 6 hours, 8 hours, and 12 hours. Within these packages each lesson runs for two hours at a time, and is customized to help you learn and progress to the best of your ability.

Hourly rates are also available, for those wanting a little taste!

Learning to kitesurf is fun and can be fast if compared to other watersports. Every person, depending on their abilities and previous experience, will learn at a different pace. Our instructors offer personalized teaching, adapting lessons to suit your progression.

Instructors are internationally certified, following a methodology to assure safety and efficiency in all lessons. Progression includes learning kite control and riding your way into being an independent kitesurfer.

Typical progression kiteboarding in Barbados:

  • 0 – 3 hours: Safety, set-up and kite control! This is taught at the beach. You’ll learn to prepare the gear by yourself, safety systems in case of an emergency, and how to fly the kite with confidence and control. We normally spend between 2-3 hours depending on your needs.
  • 3 – 5 hours: Body dragging and water time! This means you’ll practice flying the kite in the water without the board, as well as moving in different directions in the water using the kite. This step is key to continue to practice kite control and to learn how to rescue your board when you lose it in the water.
  • 5 – 8 hours: Now it gets real! We call this step the water start. After you learn to ride with the board we”ll teach you to stop, turn and go upwind in a controlled way. We’ll also teach you other safety procedures such as the self-rescue.

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We’ve partnered with the top businesses to offer you some fun activities to discover the island from the water. Add any of these to your kiteboarding package to get a special price.

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Scuba Diving


Ride the surface and discover the underwater wonders!

Cruising Club +

Get a day pass to the Cruising Club + one of the activities below for just $50US extra!

+SUP Yoga


Match made in heaven – adrenaline and relaxation.



Score the perfect holidays in Barbados: kite and surf!


Kite, then visit the shipwrecks and turtles!



You’ve mastered the wind – now go for a cruise!


Barbados is one of the top kitesurfing destinations in the Caribbean. It has conditions suited for different types of kitesurfers including freestylers, freeriders and wave riders. The main spots are located on the southeast of the island, enjoying consistent trade winds normally ranging between 15-25 knots. Silver Rock and Long Beach are the two popular choices. Winds are usually easterly and very consistent in both strength and direction. Wind direction is usually side onshore to cross shore. During special times of the year (if you're lucky you'll get the local intel!), wind blows more from the south, opening it up to downwinders to the south coast. The water sports community on the island is very close knit, with the majority of locals kiting together, watching out for each other and briefing newcomers on the ins and outs of the spots. You can choose to enjoy fun kickers, or venture out further to find epic clean waves. Kiteboarding in Barbados has it all! As an added bonus, the kite spots are just a few minutes' drive from the airport and close to many facilities. It's the perfect combination to score an adventurous trip on a Caribbean island, while having comfort and convenience at your shoreline.

Get to Know Us

Kitesurf Intl thrives on the passion for and dedication to kitesurfing, as a style of life. At Kitesurf Intl our mission is to create safe and independent kitesurfers, who are respectful of nature as well as other water users. Our instructors are certified under international standards of certification, and use international standards of safety while teaching. Our lead instructors are also qualified in Psychology and Education, which enhances the quality of the lessons we offer. Your learning style will be our guide to customizing the lessons so that you learn kiteboarding in Barbados to the best of your ability. KiteSirens is one of our proud supporters. As such, we align the culture of Kitesurf Intl with a philosophy of empowering students to reach their highest potential. Our vision is to get you enjoying the Caribbean lifestyle, progressing safely and steadily, and kiteboarding in Barbados surrounded by turquoise water in the best kite spots.

Your instructors



Nationality: Barbadian
Languages: English and Spanish
Qualification: IKO Certified
Favourite Discipline: Wave Riding



Nationality: Spanish
Languages: English and Spanish
Qualification: IKO Certified
Favourite Discipline: Wave Riding

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